Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Umbraco Media

Umbraco media section is used for storing all your web site’s media files. You right click the “Media” folder and click “Create” to add a child node for the media.

Once you click “Create”, you will see three options by default, viz: Folder, Image and File.

You can add your own custom type under “Settings” section. Right click the “Media Types” and click “Create”

Enter your own type name, for example “SWF” and click “Create”.

You will see the Swf media type added to the “Media Types” node. Their corresponding properties is shown on the right panel. The properties like Name, Alias, Icon,Thumbnail and Description are shown in the Info tab.

Structure tab contains allowed types under this media node we created now.

Generic properties tab, can be used to add additional properties and document types for the selected media node.

Tabs as the name suggests, used to add more custom tabs to the media type selected.

Now, once you finished setting the properties for the selected media type,save and go back to media section to see the new media type(Swf) we added.

This way you can add your custom files and organize under the media section.

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