Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Disable/Enable WordPress Users

I needed a simple and easy to use plugin for disabling or enabling wordpress users. Surprisingly I didn’t find any plugins that disable or enable wordpress users.

This situation could arise due to various reasons. So I came up with a plugin that does the work for me.

I made this plugin available to everyone. Feel free to use it.

NOTE: This plugin does not disable the admin user.

Screen Shots:

Change Log:


* Initial Release


* Bug Fix for updates


* Added new feature for disabling/enabling new users by default


* Added new feature for disabling/enabling anonymous users by default


* Added search function and pagination (by Digg style) .


* Bug fix and compatible with WP 3.5.1.

Category: CMS
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  • escapet

    Thank you for this plugin
    I would still be a good idea when the user would receive when logging a message which is why it is locked.

  • Iwebux

    I agree will be added in the future versions.

  • Iwebux

    I agree will be added in the future versions.

  • escapet

    Very good update!
    A search function would also be good.
    A break after about 20 users – page 2, page 3, etc.

  • Iwebux

    Search function and pagination is been added to the plugin. The number of rows displayed will be 10 by default. It can be customized by the user in the next version.

  • Iwebux

    Search function and pagination is been added to the plugin. The number of rows displayed will be 10 by default. It can be customized by the user in the next version.

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  • escapet

    Hej Iwebux
    the search function does not work.
    New users will no longer be available (displayed).
    Role of the user is no longer seen.

    It useful if the name of the user would be clickable and link to the User Administration page

  • escapet

    the problems of my last posting have been resolved. Plugin disabled and enabled again!
    bye and thank you for the development of this plugin!

  • Iwebux

    Hi escapet,
    Thank you for bringing this up.

  • escapet

    can you tell us when will it happen?

  • Iwebux

    The current version 2.0.0 should display “ERROR: Admin disabled your account.”

  • escapet

    excuse me, but unfortunately it does not work …

  • Iwebux

    It works for me. I tested it….. see the screen shot above. It should display “ERROR: Admin disabled your account.” message.

    Also make sure which version of the plugin you are using..

  • escapet

    you’re right, it works with this theme “Twenty Ten”. Unfortunately, not with my “classipress”.
    Can you please tell with how and where I may need to change something.
    Thank you!

  • Swhite

    Many Thanks for this, just what I was looking.

  • Lawrie Malen

    It looks like an issue with Firefox is stopping the ‘?disabled=true’ from being passed in the GET part of the URL, so the login error message isn’t displaying. It seems to work fine in IE. I don’t know if this is an issue with wp_redirect()?

  • Lawrie Malen

    I mentioned previously that the ‘?disabled=true’ part of the redirect URL wasn’t working in Firefox; if you put a ‘die()’ directly after the wp_redirect() call, it stops extra header information being sent and works properly.

  • Paul

    Hi, great plugin!!
    is there any way to send an email to the user which notifies that the account has been activated?


  • dataforge

    If a disabled user runs the lost password feature of wordpress and resets their password they can log in

  • Iwebux

    I tested for the scenario above, but couldn’t reproduce the problem. Can you give us more insight of your problem here.

  • Iwebux

    Thank you for your patience Paul. Will be added in the next version.

  • Amanda Boyce

    Could you add the date the user was created in the grid where we enable / disable users ?


  • Whelantech

    will this work in BuddyPress?

  • Iwebux

    No it is not tested for buddypress.

  • Nunya

    Excellent and much-needed plugin – was wondering if there were any plans to add a “Disable All” or “Enable All” button…good plugin, but VERY much a pain to use when you have 2000+ users. :D

    Other than that, thanks very much for this!

  • Mojtaba Eslahi

    This plugin is great but I need something new. I need to disable an
    account for a period of time in which when that user try to login, blog
    informs him/her that he/she banned for that period of time with a description text that describe the reason (wrote by admin). Thank you.

  • Trish Smith

    Looks like the latest update to WordPress changed a second argument in the prepare() function to mandatory instead of optional. This resulted in a “Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare()” error on our site. Any plans to issue a fix? From what I could google, it involves adding a “something=null” string in the usercontrol.php code, but I don’t know enough code to be able to figure it out. Thank you!

  • Jack McConnell

    I noticed that disabling and re-activating this plugin wipes all the data for the disabled and enabled users. I had to go back in and manually enable and disable users as required. Any plans to fix this issue?

  • admin

    New version 2.1.0 should fix this.