February 21st, 2011

Moving Magento from development to production

Once you are ready to move your development environment to the production environment, there are few things that you have to take care in Magento to avoid some issues. Before beginning it is always a best practice and safe to back up your database irrespective of any platform you are working on. This is the [...]

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January 24th, 2011

Delete test orders in Magento

In Magento there is no option for deleting orders in the admin panel. This is a problem when you want to delete those test orders that you made in development before going live. Here I will show you which tables you have to look for to delete those test orders.

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November 21st, 2010

Dynamic Controls in Cross Page Postback

In Asp.Net world a Cross Page Postback refers to passing form data from one web page to another. In Asp.Net this is handled differently when compared to classic Asp or any other server side languages. In this tutorial let us see how a static Asp.Net control and dynamic Asp.Net controls are handled in a Cross Page Postback.

Asp.Net controls are nothing but the form elements and dynamic Asp.Net controls here, I mean the controls that are created on the fly during runtime.

November 7th, 2010

CSS 3 Basics

In this tutorial, let us see about some of the CSS3 features and the browsers supporting them.

October 17th, 2010

Disable/Enable WordPress Users

A simple and easy to use plugin for disabling or enabling wordpress users. Surprisingly I didn’t find any plugins that disable or enable wordpress users.

This situation could arise due to various reasons. So I came up with a plugin that does the work for me.

I made this plugin available to everyone. Feel free to use it.

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October 9th, 2010

Inline edit using Ajax in Jquery

AJAX is a technology that kept evolving from java applet days. It was notably used in web development when Google started deploying it in Gmail and Google maps extensively.

AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XML. As the name suggests the request from the end user is made asynchronously to the server. The requests and responses for the ajax is in XML format.

September 25th, 2010

Javascript Test Framework

JsFiddle is a javascript test framework where users can test their javascript code before placing it on their site. JsFiddle includes almost all javascript libraries available right now. JsFiddle is an evolution of MooShell, created and maintained by Pitor. Here are some of the examples from JsFiddle.

September 23rd, 2010

Floating toolbar using jquery

Demo I will walk you through how to create a floating toolbar for your website in this post using jquery. The floating toolbar sticks to page, even when user scrolls the page. All utilities or links that you need to show to the user can be placed in the toolbar. The user can access the [...]